The iconic Eastern black rhino has returned to Rwanda. In 2017, 18 Eastern black rhinoceros were reintroduced to Akagera Park, bringing the species back to the country after a 10-year absence.

Our Story

In the early summer of 2017, a founder population of Eastern black rhinos was carefully selected and captured in South Africa’s Thaba Tholo Game Ranch. These individuals were be transported by truck and plane to their new home in Akagera, Rwanda. Following their arrival at the heavily secured park, they were released for a very short time into a boma (a relatively small enclosure used to familiarize the animals with their new home) in order to relax after their long journey. The rhinos were released into the wider park, where they have since settled in to their new home.

In September 2017, Akagera National Park confirmed the birth of a healthy rhino calf, the first to be born in the country since poachers wiped out the species in 2007.

Their Journey

Eastern black rhinos were moved from South Africa to Akagera National Park in Rwanda in a cross-continent journey spanning over 4,000 km. The move marked a historic return of this iconic and endangered species to Rwanda.

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